About Manitobah Mukluks


You’ve seen us post them, you’ve seen people wearing them, almost every large company has knocked them off- and you might wonder what the rave is about these Manitobah Mukluk boots?!

Well! Not only are these boots super comfy and warm, they are stylish and authentic. When you pay for your boots, you know you’re paying for the best in materials and production. And if you’re Canadian, and buying local is important to you, then you can feel even better about wearing boots that show off some of our Canadian culture.

The Manitobah Mukluk Heritage

Their story began thousands of years ago…

1630 — The North American fur trade leads to the birth of a new people — the Métis.

1870 — Manitoba becomes a province of Canada. Métis artisans supply handmade goods for emerging markets.

1990 — Métis entrepreneur, Sean McCormick, establishes a trading post in Winnipeg, trading tanned leather for mukluks and moccasins.

2006 — Hollywood celebrities are photographed in the company’s footwear, creating demand worldwide.

Today — Manitobah becomes Canada’s fastest-growing footwear brand, and continues to partner with Indigenous artisans and organizations.

If you’ve been pondering the purchase of a pair of boots, want to add to your collection, or grab a pair or slippers or mittens, stop into TNT Clothing and we’ve got you covered 🙂


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